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Abingdon Taxis
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"*Excellent. Simple & quick to use.*"

MRS JUDITH NATION on 2014-10-24

"I experienced your service last year in Dec and it was really awesome. Once again, excellent service, with an immaculate vehicle. Many thanks."

Erica on 2014-10-05

"Great service. On time, if re-scheduling is required no problem. nice limousine car "

Benjamin on 2014-09-11

"Brilliant service.... Will use again!! 5 star"

Jatinder Dhadial on 2014-09-09

"ITS a very good and reliable taxi service,"

JULIE on 2014-09-02

"Booked online, good price, very nice pleasant driver would use again overall brilliant service and would recommend others to us"

Jordan on 2014-08-29

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